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The Easiest Way To Complete A Macroeconomics Dissertation

There are many ways to get a good mark for your dissertation in macroeconomics without putting too much effort in it. Here are our tips.

  • Select a subject which has already been researched and studied
  • Students are not expected to discover knowledge in their dissertations. You can easily select a topic which has been already researched by any professor in macroeconomics. However, do not choose topics which have been addressed by the professors at your University or college. Some of them may be appointed to be your supervisors and would probably demand good knowledge of the subject.

  • How to select an easy subject?
  • Use google or go to your library`s catalogues which contain the full list of dissertations in your field that have been defended. If your library does not have such an option, simply type dissertation in macroeconomics in the google search tab, select a topic and find a research paper or dissertation about it. The easiest way will be to find a dissertation which looks at relations between two different variables. You can change one of the variables, time period or other control factors. In such case you would be able to use methods, calculations and even hypothesis of the dissertation you found.

  • Think of how to change the dissertation you found
  • You obviously cannot copy an already existing dissertation. Therefore, you need to think how to change the topic and add something new. The same applies to the content of the dissertation. Be careful: plagiarism can cost you expulsion.

  • Consult with your supervisor
  • Do not start writing the dissertation by yourself even if you found the easy topic and lots of material about it. Always go and consult with your supervisor. Some of them may give very good advice, and they can also provide you a dissertation help to transform the topic of the existing dissertation and give hints on what to add.

  • Go to a library
  • It sounds like not the easiest way, however, libraries contain lots of books which have not been made electronic, and therefore are less known. Find such books, borrow some of their ideas on your topic, put citation. If you do not like sitting in libraries and wasting your time, then simply scan the book which may be useful for you, go home and use online converters from scan formats to doc or pdf. It will save a lot of your time.