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A Fresh List Of Dissertation Topics On Network Security

Network security is an interesting subject to research, as the Internet has become one of the most important parts of our lives. The question of security was never as relevant as it’s now, as the networks get regularly hacked. More topics become irrelevant year by year, but the new ones emerge from the new problems that are to be solved.

Network Security Dissertation Topic Suggestions

  1. Security in file sharing systems: relevance and possibilities.
  2. Analyzing network security condition with software.
  3. Online banking: what are the means of security that make people believe the services of online money transactions.
  4. Database technologies development and appliance in managing secure data of a network.
  5. 4G emerging: common troubles and future perspective.
  6. 4G network security: is Intrusion Detection System (IDS) available for such a network?
  7. Making Wi-Fi data transfer secure: innovative methods.
  8. Comparison of fault recovery in 4G and real-time networks.
  9. Routers location within a sensor network: what is the best?
  10. Are cloud systems more secure than anything before them?

Places to Look for Topics

If you don’t find anything that would suit you in this list, you may also try searching for more themes and compilations to choose from. You can find them on:

  • Online libraries.
  • Such databases contain lots of samples, compilations, books, etc. that can help you write the best dissertation. Search for network security topics there and you will find lots of lists from different years.

  • Educational websites.
  • There are websites created for students to find different kinds of help. You can find useful links there, as well as topic compilations and paper samples. It’s good to have a couple of such websites in your collection, as they will help you in your further work.

  • Student forums.
  • Your fellow students can help you immensely by sharing their topic compilations on different forums. Find a couple of such and surf for topic lists on network security. If you don’t find anything, try asking the people there for help.

While searching for a topic, make sure you know all the terminology you will need, as choosing something interesting but unclear for you will not help. It’s much better to pick something more or less simple, but to be sure you are competent enough to write a great thesis. If you guide yourself by these simple rules, you will find a great topic very soon.