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5 Features Of Strong And Sound Doctoral Dissertation Topics

Choosing a good dissertation topic to write about is essential. In fact, the quality of your dissertation will hinge considerably on the topic that you choose. For some hints about how to pick a strong topic, feel free to read the following information.

  1. A clear and obvious title
  2. Ensure that what you decide to use as a title is not ambiguous, so as to make it clear what is that you aim to discuss as part of your work.

  3. Something that you will be able to research effectively
  4. It is important that you choose a topic that you will be able to research properly otherwise you may end up preparing a week piece of work.

  5. Something that is of interest to you
  6. You want to be sure that you are interested in the subject, as it is important that you are able to focus as much as possible, which will be difficult if the subject bores you.

  7. Something that will be of interest to others
  8. As well as been interested in the subject yourself, it is important that others will be interested in reading what you have to write.

  9. Something that is important and relevant to the topic you are studying
  10. Finally, the topic you decide to write about should be relevant enough to your subject that you can justify writing about it.

For some further ideas about good topics to use, the following is a list of suggestions.

  • How can wealthy individuals use the legal system, including such things as loopholes, to avoid punishment through the criminal justice system in ways that poorer people may not have access to, and is this fair in a democratic society?
  • In the UK, rape exists as a single crime - would it make more sense to have various levels of rape, depending upon the severity of the crime, including how violent an individual rape was?
  • Discuss the way in which the knee joint can be replaced with the (reversed) ankle joint in the event of bone cancer, so that a prosthetic leg can easily be fitted once the cancer has been removed
  • Discuss the rise of communism and fascism in the 1920s in relation to the stock market crash at the end of the decade
  • Were people financially reckless in the 1920s, and could more have been done to avoid the financial crash?
  • The consequences of global warming of the most serious challenges that the human race will face in the future
  • Big businesses should do more to recycle, so as to avoid unnecessary environmental damage
  • Does the criminal justice system discriminate against people based on their color, sex or age?
  • What problems can be faced when using anaesthesia in a surgical environment?
  • Changing weather patterns and the unpredictability that comes with it could be disastrous in the future