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A List Of Unused History Dissertation Topics You’ve Never Met Before

When you are in search of history dissertation topic you will often jump on the first one you hear about. The trouble is that these topics are often ideas that are common and have been explored or discussed a number of times before. So, we’ve created this list of unused history dissertation topics you’ve never met before:

  1. In what ways did Puritanical values influence modern United State culture? Do you think these values have affected politics and society more so than anything else?
  2. What do the American people feel about impeachment and what would constitute a justifiable reason? For instance, compare Bill Clinton’s actions with those of Richard Nixon’s.
  3. How would a medical system similar to that of Ancient China’s where doctors were only paid when their patients were healed be accepted in modernized countries today?
  4. Has the world become a safer place since the U.S.S.R and the U.S.A ended their Cold War? Consider unrest that has remained in the Middle East as a result of the Cold War.
  5. Why did European immigrants consider the United States called the land of opportunity? Do you think the United States still maintains this image?
  6. In what ways could the United States maintained its neutrality in World War I? if it had remained neutral what would the European or global landscape look like today?
  7. How did the United States justify its involvement in the Vietnam War? Do you think these reasons would be accepted today or would they be criticized by the public?
  8. How did colonialism affect the spread of AIDS across regions in Africa 100 years after the fact? Consider Africa’s map and the ways countries were separated because of colonialist intervention.
  9. Discuss the tragedy of the Holocaust and how it has affected the world’s reaction to modern day acts of genocide? Do nations react fast enough when genocide occurs?
  10. What was Margaret Thatcher’s greatest contribution to the world’s history? Do you think she is primarily viewed as a positive figure in Western European countries?
  11. What led to the Opium Wars in China? And how did they influence China’s fall as a technological and economic leader in the late 19th century?
  12. Discuss the reasons why Adolf Hitler was considered Man of the Year by Time Magazine in 1938. Were there any achievements that would be viewed positively today?