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Potential dissertation topics in education: ideas from specialists

This company has in the past helped so many students make good progress on their work. The reason for this is because they have professionals and specialists who often mentor such students from time to time. These are people whose experience and expertise in matters education has seen them be in a position where they can easily assist you with the challenges that you might be having with your work, and more importantly, help you get a better insight into the things you are working on.

Given the need to write a dissertation in education, you will need to look into some of the possible topics that you can present for this task. Good options will help you get the attention of the teacher, and perhaps score better grades. You therefore need to spend more time on research, to come up with brilliant ideas. The following are some of the concepts that you can discuss when working on this paper:

  • Discuss the impact that technology is having on education, and propose certain amendments that we should look forward to over the next decade as a result of this integration
  • Discuss education as a right to every single person alive, and why denying anyone access to education for one reason or the other should be a punishable offence
  • Address the concept of externalities of education, and how this affects the students who are associated with this phenomenon
  • Everything and everyone in life has a purpose. Education does have a purpose in our lives too. Discuss the true purpose of education
  • There are scholars who have often recommended that education should be classified as a basic need, particularly during this age and time when people are so enlightened. Critically examine the concept of education as a basic need
  • Discuss, citing relevant examples, why the current education system has been touted to be in decline over the years
  • Discuss the role of parents in the education system, and critically examine how effective parents are in meeting their role requirements
  • Some people claim that education is taken for granted in developed countries than it is in the developing countries. Discuss
  • Highlight some of the moral challenges that face students and teachers within the educational system, and propose relevant options of working around this
  • Equal education will forever remain a myth. Discuss, citing relevant examples and quoting scholarly sources