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Compositional Ideas To Include In A Thesis Paper On Waiting For Godot

Thesis papers on Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett can examine the play from several standpoints, namely its literary value, sociological, or psychological perspectives. It’s possible to come up with dozens of good topics to reveal in your work. Either way, you should pick something interesting or else you may get bored soon. The following directions will guide you through the writing process.

How to Compose a Decent Thesis Paper: Helpful Ideas

  • Give your thesis a title that describes your approach.
  • It’s recommended to finalize your title after the work is completed. It should address your target audience and grab the reader’s attention. You can use a subtitle if it helps you clarify your claim.

  • Put enough effort to formulate your thesis statement.
  • This sentence is an essential ingredient of your paper’s success. It’s a good idea to find a sample of theses for literary assignments to figure out how to compose your own argument in a proper manner.

  • Introduce the play and its author.
  • No matter what topic you’re writing your paper about, you need to say a few words about Waiting for Godot, the main characters, and the most important themes. Make sure to focus your introduction according to your topic idea.

  • Include textual evidence to your main sections.
  • In a literary thesis paper, you should explain and support your ideas using details from the text of the play. Use paraphrasing, summaries, specific details, and direct quotations. Remember to refer to a particular page of the text if you insert a quote.

  • Give a sense of completeness.
  • You should compose a conclusion section that lets the readers know that they’ve come to the end of the paper. Make one or two relevant comments about the literary work you analyzed from a new perspective.

What Themes to Address in Your Assignment on Waiting for Godot

  1. Making choices.
  2. Philosophical points of view: the absurdity of a situation.
  3. The lack of truth: living in the world of uncertainty.
  4. Fear of loneliness vs. inability to connect.
  5. The repetitive, meaningless portrait of daily life.
  6. Waiting for nothing means wasting time.
  7. The role of religion in the tragicomedy.
  8. Living in a prison of a person’s own making.
  9. Suffering as a part of human existence.
  10. Death as a solution for the inanity of life.

So, you have a wide choice of themes to write your thesis about. Keep the aforementioned guidelines in mind, read the book carefully, take notes, and begin writing your assignment sooner rather than later.