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10 Current Issues To Use As Dissertation Topics On Public Health

Writing a dissertation determines a definite level of your education, so you are expected to take it seriously. Choosing a topic for your paper on public health is the first step and it influences the entire process of its completion. That is why it’s important to choose a subject relevant to the problems in modern health. You should also consider your own preferences to make the writing process interesting and stay focused on revealing the up-to-date information on the topic.

Answering the following questions will help you understand what topic you want to write about in your work.

  • Does the chosen subject reveal the present-day problems in public health?
  • Is it interesting for you?
  • Will it be interesting for your professor/in your region?
  • Do you have any personal examples of the discussed problem?
  • Can you find enough material to write a profound work?
  • Does anyone else have a similar subject?

Current Problems in Public Health Which You Can Reveal in Your Dissertation

If you can’t decide what topic to choose, you can pay attention to the following problems existing in public health. These ideas can remind you of current health issues you may be interested in studying.

  1. How do large corporations influence the legislation around nutrition and food? Studying of recent policies.
  2. What are the main factors leading to obesity and possible solutions to this problem?
  3. How do health policies react to recent advances in nutrigenomics, and what changes to expect in these policies in the near future?
  4. Do food policies in school change the attitudes of the children and parents? A qualitative review of a comprehensive school.
  5. Does qualitative food need to be expensive and why is bad food produced in such large quantities?
  6. How does inflation impact nutritional health in developing countries?
  7. Are women poorly served in health? Does gender have an impact on nutrient deficiencies worldwide?
  8. Does a Mediterranean diet impact weight and health positively?
  9. What is the interrelation between solvency and the obesity epidemic?
  10. Creating your body image – how are models related to health problems among women?


By studying the abovementioned ideas about the existing problems in public health, you can come up with an idea which is really important to you. Try to choose a topic for your dissertation that you want to explore and bring some possible solution to the problem. Also, mind that the subject you want to study should be relevant and should raise current problems in public health.