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Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing An Undergraduate Thesis

One of the scenarios that you will come to experience as you work your way through the undergraduate process is the fact that you have to be ready to write a dissertation at some point in time. This is something that you also cannot take for granted either. There are so many students who normally ignore this until it is too late, and that should not be an issue either.

When it comes to writing this paper, there are certain things that you will have to take into consideration. One of these is the fact that you need to score as much marks on the task as possible. You cannot afford to gamble with your grades, and this is why we will address some of the basic things that you need to do, and those that you should not, when working on this paper:


  • Carry out sufficient research
  • Address the background of your paper

Carry out sufficient research

In an attempt to make sure that this work will turn out as awesome as you would love it to be, you have to carry out some extensive research as you work on this task. This allows you a good chance of getting useful data that can back up your claims.

Address the background of your paper

Why do you really need to write this paper? Why do you think it is important to address the discussions that you are working on? This is one of the main issues that you should always think about. Being able to present a strong case for the reason to carry out this study will help you open the paper up to the reader for a good understanding.


  • Forget to reference your paper properly
  • Ignore the need for proofreading

Forget to reference your paper properly

The biggest mistake that most students make is that they never really know how to reference their work. It becomes quite a challenge because your teacher cannot actually do this for you. In fact, in some institutions, such carelessness is treated with contempt.

Ignore the need for proofreading

Make sure you proofread your work. Sadly, most students just finish up the work and send it to the teacher. That is not how things are supposed to be done. Do take a keen interest in proofreading your work, and you will save yourself from too many challenges.