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A List Of Winning PhD Thesis Topics In Communication Online

Since the moment the Internet was invented, researchers have given a lot of attention to the value and meaning of online communication. Due to this attention, many spheres of online interactions between people have already been explored and studied through and through. If you need a winning Ph.D. thesis topic, you will have to work quite hard to find something unique and interesting that will help you stand out.

The Importance of Having a Unique Ph.D. Thesis Topic

If you choose a topic that has already been explored for many times, your Ph.D. work will hardly gain any success. You will repeat other people’s experiments and receive the same findings. There’s no practical scientific value in such Ph.D. papers. If you still want to choose a topic that’s already been chosen by many other researchers, you need to either apply revolutionary methods to the process of researching or find a new unexpected point of view on the subject.

It’s better if you choose a topic that’s unique by itself. It’s even more interesting to you to research something that’s new and unexplored yet. The only thing you need to have to achieve success with a unique topic is a sufficient reference base. You need enough reliable sources to support your point of view. Check whether you have the needed base before you make your final topic choice.

A List of Interesting Ph.D. Thesis Topics

  1. Online communication as a factor of personal development.
  2. The peculiarities of the Internet as a means of international communication among teenagers and young people.
  3. Intercultural online communication and its place in the today’s world.
  4. The place and role of online communication in the life of teenagers of today.
  5. The peculiarities of the Internet as a new information environment and of international communication online.
  6. The place and role of the Internet for teenagers. The Internet audience and Internet resources for communication.
  7. Discourse analysis of texts used for online communication.
  8. The transformation of personal language peculiarities in the course of online communication.
  9. Blogs as a genre of online communication.
  10. Types and genres of online communication
  11. The interactions between spoken and written language in online communication.
  12. The development of a multicultural personality with the help of Internet communication in the process of foreign language learning.
  13. College slang in the Internet communication of an American student.
  14. Online communication as a means that develops personal values and directions in a student.
  15. Gender identity and self-representation in online communications.