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20 Possible Topics For A PhD Dissertation In Statistics

The dissertation is the culmination of a PhD student's career. Students must pour everything they have learned into their paper. Once completed it should represent of the student's intelligence and academic skills. That's a lot of pressure on one piece of work, with everything this on the line it's easy to run into writer's block. Fortunately, statistics students don't have to go it alone. This article will provide students with 20 statistics topics to inspire creativity.

Twenty Topics to Start With

  1. Using Predictive Modeling To Prepare for Disease Outbreaks
  2. Comparing Methods for Generating Probabilistic Forecasts
  3. A Survey of Modern Linear Models
  4. Models For Accurately Extrapolating From Historic Population Data
  5. Analyzing Southeast Asian Typhoons Utilizing Statistical Models
  6. Using Social Network Information In Epidemiology
  7. Achieving Optimum Data Density
  8. How Value-Added Modeling Impacts Test Scores Across Economic Divides
  9. Looking At Climate Change Through Bayesian Probability
  10. Accurately Calculating Percentiles
  11. Modeling Standardized Test Scores Across The Globe
  12. Using Hierarchical Modeling To Estimate Academic Results
  13. Monte Carlo Models And Investment Portfolios
  14. Looking At Health Data Through A Bayesian Lens
  15. Statistical Analysis Of The Peer Review Process
  16. Generating Population Structures From Social Network Data
  17. Accurately Modeling Fragmented Data
  18. Using Statistical Models To Predict Seasonal Spending
  19. Minimizing Noise From Automatically Mined Data
  20. Modeling Wildlife Populations Across Time

Putting these Topics to Use

A few things should stand out after looking at these 20 different titles. The first is that there isn't only one way to go about writing a statistics dissertation. Statisticians can use the tools of their trade to examine just about every aspect of human life. Some of the most productive theses arise from real-world problems. Examining pressing issues using the latest statistical tools is a powerful strategy. This approach allows students to build on something solid, so they don't get too lost in abstract theories. This strategy can also be a good way to prepare for a future career. Students will have the upper hand at companies related to their thesis topic. It's still fine to write about obscure statistical theories. This strategy is a wise choice for academics. Students who aim to join the private market should seek out more practical topics.

Creating Something Bold and New

It's important to remember that these topic ideas are just a starting point. No one should copy these verbatim. Instead, they should act as inspiration. Take them apart, mix them up, add a personal spin, there are a thousand ways to make a topic your own. In the end, a dissertation has to represent the unique skills of the student producing it. In this world, there is nothing new under the sun. Students don't have to reinvent statistics to start off their career. Using ideas like these as a starting point is acceptable. Just make sure you choose a topic that you feel confident about completing.