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Howto's For Students: MBA Dissertation Topics On Marketing

Dissertations are important for any course and a must go-through for every student in order to graduate. This is an academic requirement designed with the intention to make the students understand the importance of the self-learning process and applying all that is learnt in the class to real life scenarios. A dissertation cannot be simply ‘gotten over with’ just like that. It is a step by step process that needs every step to be carried out with precision and care.

When choosing a topic here, keep in mind to consider the kind of effect it had in the past, the kind of impression it has now in the present and whether or not it will make you shine in your task. Take care to chase something relevant to the present and draw real life comparisons.

Here are a few dissertation topics for your consideration on Marketing-

  1. With respect to HCL products discuss the scenarios where promotional activities have impacts.
  2. Prepare a study with respect to the buying behavior and satisfaction associated with costumers of a particular product.
  3. Consider the brand Amul Milk and analyze its market and sales development.
  4. Make a comparative study of Airtel Broadband in the telecom industry.
  5. With respect to Reliance money, discuss its structure of sales and brokerage marketing.
  6. Discuss why there is a need for integrating marketing communications in life insurance.
  7. Discuss and prepare a report on the most effective way to market a global product on a universal level to multiple culturally different consumers.
  8. What are your opinions and views when strategizing a means to make processed food more attractive to the consumers of today?
  9. Which business practices in school will prove efficient in working in the present economy?
  10. Discuss how skilled employees can be benefitted the most in a company for the long term.
  11. What are your propositions in managing a diverse workforce?
  12. Discuss how the social media platforms present today can be used to formulate an effective marketing strategy.
  13. Are homegrown marketing strategies enough for a global company? Discuss.
  14. Write a proposition as to how a government and business can work together to help the customers?
  15. Devise a proper strategy as to how to deal with negative press and spread brand awareness at the same time.