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How To Compose A Good Doctoral Thesis Research Proposal

A doctoral thesis research proposal gives the reader an idea of the area you intend to explore. It also gives a hint of the methodology to use, resources, time and general intentions. Where funding is involved, it provides a justification to the panel on why your work should be funded. When targeting a grant, you must be competitive by showing why you deserve to be considered above other applicants. Here are tips on composing a winning proposal.

  • Identify a Scientific Problem
  • Identify a problem within academic circles, your environment, community, etc that requires a solution. Your paper will be an endeavor to provide the solution. There so many areas you can study in your paper. However, the one you select must be catchy, interesting, relevant and unique. It must provide the much needed solution to a pressing problem. This problem will inform the title of your paper. As such, it must arouse curiosity so that the reader digs deep into your paper.

  • Find a Theoretical Background
  • A doctoral thesis allows you to add to the existing body of literature. This means that some information is already available in the area you are studying. Read through these materials to find a foundation for your topic. In fact, it is by reading through the existing materials that you find out what is missing or a point of departure. Research allows you to identify authors and thinkers who support your view or idea. You will also avoid repeating what has already been said or written about.

  • Be Reasonable in Terms of Time and Resources
  • A proposal acts as a projection for your work. Identify the resources you will need or use and the time it will take. This calls for detailed planning ensuring that you capture all expected activities. Consider the time you will be consulting with supervisors and committee, collecting data, drafting, editing, etc. You will avoid unnecessary rush or falling short on budget.

  • Find an Example
  • All academic research papers are intensive with the doctoral level being the most sensitive. Your work will be under scrutiny from highly experienced and exposed supervisors. You must therefore avoid costly mistakes. Request the committee to provide an example of the paper you are expected to produce. You can mirror the presentation, wording, formatting, etc.

A doctoral thesis research proposal is a brief of what you expect to undertake over the next few months. Be realistic and consult your supervisor during drafting. Be clear and realistic in your projections though changes are inevitable when writing the actual paper.